Friday, August 26, 2011

Web Dimension

Web Dimension is an Activision game that came out in 1985. I've got to warn you that it's not your typical game as there's no score (well, there is a score but it's of the musical kind). The game was designed and programmed by Russell Lieblich who did the music for Master of the Lamps, a game I strongly recommend (even if you don't like this one).

Russell Lieblich was a professional musician before he went into the video game industry at Mattel, the maker of the Intellivision system (late 70s early 80s). Didn't take long before he joined Activision, the first third-party game publisher for game consoles, and made games for them. Lieblich is the guy that kinda pioneered games whose gameplay was largely based on music.

You play Web Dimension not because of the gameplay (which is ok but rather limited in terms of replay value - only 8 levels), but because of the music. Check out the Web Dimension review in Zzap!64 and see what others thought of the game.

In this video, I just go through the first two levels. There are actually eight levels of evolution.

You really need to read the Web Dimension manual to get a better understanding of the concept (and a better grasp of what to do). As a bonus, you get a nice little biography of Russell Lieblich.