Monday, June 15, 2009

Match Point

Match Point is a pretty rudimentary tennis game that didn’t age too well, probably because of the graphics ... and the game play ... and the way the players move. All in all, the magic of this game is pretty much gone now. It was a cool game back then though (in the early 80s). Don’t get me wrong, it is still quite playable but in my opinion, the magic is gone with this game.

My player is at the bottom of the screen. Can’t say I’ve done too well serving against the computer. There’s a little bit of a problem with the emulated version as it is very hard to see the ball when you are serving up court (just have to trust your instincts when serving, which is not hard to do but a tad annoying). It’s pretty difficult to see the ball in the video but it’s actually okay in the actual game. Probably better playing on a real Commodore 64 but you can’t have everything, can you?

There are 3 levels of play: quarter-finals (turtle slow), semi-finals (slow) and final (fast). If I remember correctly, to beat the computer at the final level, you have to come to the net and volley the ball a lot. If you stay back, it’s much harder as can be seen in the video.

Don’t recall playing other tennis games back then but it seems there were a lot of titles available. Very likely there’s one that’s better than this one. Just have to find it.

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