Sunday, November 1, 2009

Emlyn Hughes International Soccer

Hailed as one of the best football simulation games, if not the the best, on the Commodore 64, Emlyn Hughes International Soccer is one of those games whose graphics are a tad of a let down but whose game play is quite exceptional. The players are a bit on the rough side as they do remind you of the players of the "old" International Soccer game cartridge (a good early game by the way).

For me personally, it's one of those games I've never really gotten into because I was completely into another great football simulation called Matchday 2. I am sure that if I had picked up Emlyn Hughes instead of Matchday back then, I'd be way more into the game endorsed by the Liverpool legend.

Quick video of Emlyn Hughes International Soccer on the Commodore 64. As you can tell, I am a total beginner but you get the idea. Note that by default you don't have the control of any of the 8 teams, so you have to edit the team you want to play with and change the name from "COMPUTER" to ... something else.

The game is still quite popular ... There's even an Emlyn Hughes International Soccer community on the web where you can play the game online using CCS64 (the emulator) and Kaillera (the client/server software). This is something I'd like to do for Matchday 2 actually.

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