Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ping-Pong manual



Ping Pong is a realistic simulation of table tennis for one player.

The screen displays a three dimensional view from above a ping pong table with the players depicted as bats.

The game can be played at five different skill levels against the computer.


The game is controlled by joystick in Port 1 or Port 2.


Backhand <-----------+------------> Forehand

Drive Press fire button.


Toss up the ball for the serve by using the serve control.

Move the joystick left to right to select either forehand or backhand respectively. Use cut or drive to hit the ball.


Each game is played to 11 points. The winner is the first to reach 11, however he must win by at least two clear points unless the score reaches 15, in which case the game will terminate.

The service changes after every five points scored, however if the score of 10-10 is reached the service changes after every point from then on.

In a game, if the player wins then a new game is started on the next highest difficulty level.


Entering your name on the High Score Table

Select the desired letter by moving left or right and press the fire to make your selection.

A score of ten points is awarded each time a player manages to hit the ball. 500 points are awarded for a successful, point-winning smash.

At the end of each level, 1000 points are awarded for each point of the winning margin, as a bonus.

If a player's score is large enough he will be given the opportunity to enter his name in the high score table at the end of his game.


When To Use Each Shot Type

Smash - This is a superfast shot used to return 'floaters'. Floaters will make a distinctive sound.

Drive - This is a fast shot normally used to return the ball.

Cut - This is a slow shot which can be used to interfere which your opponent's timing.

Forehand or Backhand - Switching back and forth from backhand to forehand is effective when your opponent tries to catch you on your undefended side or when you want to force your opponent to move right or left.

The direction in which the ball is returned depends on the timing with which you hit it back.

Ping Pong Terminology

In - The serve or return is good.
Out - The serve or return is bad.
Net - A served ball hits the net and is OUT.
Deuce - A tie score at 10 and above.
Love All - Score is 0-0 at the start of the match.


Its program code, graphic representation, and artwork are the copyright of Imagine Software (1984) Limited and may not, be reproduced, stored, hired or broadcast in any form whatsoever without the written permission of Imagine Software (1984) Limited. All rights reserved worldwide. Ping Pong runs on the Commodore 64.

(c) Konami
(c) 1986 Imagine Software (1984) Limited
Produced by D. C. Ward

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