Monday, November 23, 2009

Tales of the Arabian Nights manual

(c)1984 Interceptor Micros.
Written by Ian Gray.
Music by Chris Cox.
Speech copyright "Don't Ask" Computer Software.
Produced by Richard Paul Jones.

To operate this program you will require a joystick.

To load this program: Type LOAD "ARAB*",8,1
After a few minutes the program will have loaded and then automatically run, the title page and Logo will appear on the screen, at this point the game is ready to play. REMOVE AND STORE THE DISKETTE.

We recommend that the diskette should always be stored in its original packaging.

CONTROLS - use joystick in Port 2

On walking levels, fire to jump.
On other levels, fire to cast a spell.
RESTORE aborts the game in progress.
Any key to PAUSE, any key to restart.

If a trainer version is used (Computerbrains) you get first the trainer selection screen. You can select the number of live (normally 3) and/or the starting level/scene (normally 1).
Press S to get to the game title page, where you can select:

F1 - music on/off
F3 - speech on/off

Press fire to start the game.

Guide Imrahil the Kalendar Prince through the perils of many Arabian nights. On certain nights, he must gather golden jugs, engraved with letters, in the correct order to spell out 'ARABIAN'.

At other times, he rides on rafts and flying carpets through Arabia, casting bolts of lightning at his foes. His quest for the princess Anitra is long and difficult - many dangers lurk in the Arabian night!

An expectant hush settled upon the tribesmen. Scheherazade, most famous story-teller of the Bedouins, stood in the moonlight between the palm trees, and began her tale:

Long ago, in the city of Baghdad, there lived the Sultan Saladin. Convinced of the faithlessness of women, he swore to put to death each of his wives after the first night. In time his avaricious gaze fell upon beautiful Anitra, a princess of the Kalendar province. His soldiers came silently in the night, and by dawn they and their helpless captive were far away.

The fate of the wives of Saladin was known throughout Arabia, and greatly was he loathed by the people of the land. But such was the awesome might of his armies, that no-one dared to oppose him, even in thought. None that is, save Imrahil, eldest
prince of Kalendar, who set out on the trail of his beloved sister with vengeance in his heart.

His quest began aboard Sinbad's ship, sailing the Red Sea. Despite the many hazards of the long ocean voyage, Imrahil safely came ashore at the delta of the river Annil. Aboard a simple raft, he followed the river upstream, until the waters swept him into a great cavern, deep in the bowels of the Earth. Here he fought with the bewitched genies of Al-Khemizd, too dreadful even to imagine. Escaping from the cavern, on a flying carpet stolen from the blind weaver Ahxmihnsta, Imrahil fought his way through the skies, across the burning desert - to Baghdad!

Dodging the guards at the city gates, Imrahil ran along the high walls to the gardens of the Sultan's palace. He climbed swiftly up the tallest tree in the gardens, and jumped through a window into the palace. He fought past the guards, and reached the battlements, where Anitra was being held by the Sultan!

Swiftly they leapt together onto the carpet and rose high above the towers of Baghdad.'

Prince Imrahil's sister has been kidnapped by the evil Sultan Saladin and taken to Baghdad. It's up to you to rescue her.

The game has 8 scenes or levels. You can get a preview of them by waiting at the title screen.

Scene 1
The game begins aboard one of the Sultan's ships where you must collect, in order, the golden jugs each bearing one of the letters in the word A-R-A-B-I-A-N. Various unpleasant creatures infesting the ship will make your task harder.

Scene 2
You have to make your way up the river.

Scene 3
The next scene is set in a great cavern where you encounter Al-Khemized and his genies. Once again, you have to put the jugs in the right order.

Scene 4
You must then cross the desert on your flying carpet to get to Baghdad.

Scene 5
At the city gates you have to sort out the jugs yet again while avoiding the hail of arrows and boulders.

Scene 6
Then it's on to the garden, where you must avoid the arrows fired at you.

Scene 7
And into the palace where you have to order the jugs for one last time.

Scene 8
Having rescued the Princess, you must make your getaway on a magic carpet, while avoiding the arrows and birds en route.


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