Sunday, August 21, 2011

3-D Pinball Power

Before Mastertronic's 3-D Pinball Power came out in 1990, I think it is fair to say that pinball games on the Commodore 64 kinda sucked. I remember "David's Midnight Magic" from Broderbund and "Pinball Construction Set" from Electronic Arts. Let just say that I was not too impressed. On top of all that, as the name suggests, the game is pure 3-D.

Being a pinball (the real thing) enthusiast myself, I am pleased to say that "3-D Pinball Power" has pretty good physics but the targeting is a bit off and gets some used to. The video above has the manual in the beginning (thanks to whoever did the intro), so if you really want to read the manual, I am sure you can pause the video and figure out what it is saying.

Game commands:
- F1 starts the game
- F7 releases the plunger
- Ctrl and "right arrow" are the flippers on a pc running VICE 64

You can't nudge the machine, so there's no risk of ever tilting. Some people might complain that there's only one table available, but to those people, I say that it's better than the alternative, nothing.

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