Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hot Rod manual

Hot Rod


Want to burn some rubber? Feel the need for speed? Then take on Hot Rod and race through twenty-one turbulent tracks, encountering the meanest conditions, such as rain, snowdrifts and ice - then tackle the challenge of murderous rock slides and slippery sand.

Tight corners abound with moving police cars and construction crews to hinder your way, testing your driving skills and stamina to the end.

Win the races and buy extra parts from the race track garage: Bigger engines, snow tires, spike tires, speed tires, bumpers and wings - then it's back to the starting line for more hot action!!!


Race against one other human player and one computer player (two players mode) or against two computer players (one player mode) to be the first past the finish line in twenty-one different races. On route, pick up extra gas (G), because your gas level is constantly decreasing, and when you run out of gas, you are out of the race. Also pick up bonus points (P). At the end of each race these will be turned into money, which you can spend in the parts shop the improve your car.

Things to buy include
- Better tires, to improve road holding and speed.
- Bigger engines, to increase acceleration and top speed.
- Bumpers, to increase the car's body strength.
- Wings to improve road holding.

Up to two human players can play at the same time.


Car 1 - Red (always human player one).
Car 2 - Green (human player two, if a two players game is selected, otherwise computer player).
Car 3 - Blue (always computer player).


Joystick(s) only. Player one uses port two and player two uses port one.

Press fire button to accelerate, releasing the fire button automatically slows the car down. Pulling the joystick to the left or to the right will turn the car left or right.

Press "RUN/STOP" to toggle pause on/off.

Press "Q" while game is paused to quit.


Press the fire button on the joystick in port two. This will start a ten seconds countdown, and if during this time the other player (port one) presses the fire button, too, he will start the race at the same time.


At the end of each race, each player will enter the parts shop. At this point they may buy one item (provided they have sufficient money). Select from the available items by using left and right, then press the fire button to buy that item.

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