Thursday, December 3, 2009

Slicks manual

(c)1992 Codemasters
AUTHORS: Ashley Routledge & David Saunders
Genre: Formula One
Number Of Players: 1 or 2


Go wheel to wheel against the world´s most famous race teams. Race the entire Grand Prix season from your arm chair. Also includes two player simultaneous play option. Formula one racing at its very best. Compete in the Super Prix racing in a championship that spans the world. Join McLaren, Williams, Ferrari, Benetton, Lotus and Brabham, in an entire race season from the comfort of your own living room. Travel to all of the glamorous locations. From the twists and turns of the Monte-Carlo streets, to the enduring accelerating straights of Brazil.

Challenge other drivers then qualify for grid position just like the real thing. For true test of reflexes challenge your mates in the new simultaneous two player action, head to head, wheel to wheel play off.

A simulation of truly global proportions with awesome game play to match! Start the game by completing the track on your own. The faster lap times give you better pole positioning. At this point, you may challenge other drivers. If you beat them in the proper race, you can have their car. Complete the race, and you will get points that will add up to the world championship score.

Points for the championship: 10 for a win, 6 for second, 4 for third. 3 for fourth, 2 for fifth and 1 for sixth.


Slicks is joystick controlled only.
One player game: Joystick in port two.
Two player game: Joystick in both ports.

[FIRE] - Accelerate
[DOWN] - Decelerate
[LEFT] - Turn left
[RIGHT] - Turn right


Top right of the screen: Here you see your current position in a race when passing the finish line (big number). Here you also see the position of the driver who has challenged you or who you have challenged when he passes the finish line (small number).

Bottom right of the screen: Here you see your current speed.

Bottom middle of the screen: Here you see the number of laps driven already and the number of laps remaining.

Bottom left of the screen: Here you see your current lap time and your best lap time on the current circuit below it.

Rest of the screen: Here you see the circuit and the action going on.


Forget about almost everything written above, here you only need the display at the bottom right of the screen. Each player starts with a five points displayed in his car color. Whenever any player manages to "escape" from the screen he will get one point added while the other player gets one point reduced. However, if a player does not have one single point at all anymore, the other one has won the two player challenge.


* If you are a beginner, challenge one car after the other in little steps.
* Carefully watch the other drivers qualifying times and then decide whom to challenge.
* If you manage to accelerate for a long enough time (approximately for three quarters of one lap) without any interruptions, the top speed of your current car will increase by one mile per hour. Next time it will again increase by one m.p.h. and so on. Warning! This only works if you never release the fire button, never hit any obstacle or any other car!

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